Command of the Sale Creates Measurable Success Globally

The Client

EMC Corporation is the world’s leading developer and provider of information infrastructure technology and solutions. The EMC Information Intelligence Group (IIG) provides solutions that enable companies to leverage information for business advantage by connecting information with people and processes.

"(GrowthPlay) has a group of people that are very talented and they really know their business well. The ability to swap out people with the right skill set at the right time was truly amazing. They know how to sell and they know how to make sure our sales people are doing the right things every step of the way.”

Roxanne Tashjian Partner Operations, EMC2

The Business Challenge

As an organization that sells products worldwide, IIG wanted to create consistency in the way its sales reps were communicating about its products. Overall they wanted a more strategic sales execution process.

“We have a very broad base of customers around the world,” said Roxanne Tashjian, Senior Director, Sales and Partner Operations. “As we were going through the sales process at various stages it meant different things to different people and we needed an organization to come in and streamline that process.”

Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales Fred Monjazeb knew IIG’s sales process could be more consistent.

“We had a sales force that was communicating with us in different manners. They would classify their engagement with customers differently, even though they were going through a similar process from one transaction to the next.”

Driving Value in an EMC Environment

Command of the Sale® and (GrowthPlay’s) customized approach was a vital component to helping IIG find a successful solution to their business challenges.

“Together we designed a sales methodology that would take advantage of what we already did in the field. It allowed us to take advantage of the best practices we had and enhance them with the (GrowthPlay) methodology,” said Monjazeb.

A key component to the success of the Command of the Sale® solution was getting executives across the organization aligned in the same process, as well as reinforcing adoption of the concepts. “(GrowthPlay) was integral part in making sure everyone bought in,” said Tashjian.

Measurable Results

IIG was impressed at the way (GrowthPlay) was able to adapt its process to a worldwide organization.

“(GrowthPlay) very effectively implemented this program for us in the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region to audiences with different abilities in speaking the English language,” said Monjazeb. “They adjusted their delivery to fit the audience and they effectively trained over 800 people for us.”

After implementing Command of the Sale, IIG saw results in three key areas: improved forecasting, increased pipeline and better allocation of resources.

“The sales process that we have now is one that really meets the needs of our sales people and is making a different for us every day,” said Tashjian.

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