Crushing the Competition

Sales Cycle Shortened to Less Than a Month

The Client

Fuze is an enterprise cloud-based software company that helps provide a single, mobile global communications platform to enable them to sell, service and support their customers. Prior to Command of the Message® training, Moro and his sales team had just one meeting with a global sporting goods and lifestyle brand, that was looking to improve the way it interacted across its multiple stakeholder channels.

"When we got off the phone with the customer, it was game over. I felt it. We differentiated ourselves versus the competition and were in a position to win the deal."

Logan Moro Regional Sales Manager, Fuze

The Business Challenge

The team knew they needed to move beyond a technical discussion to one that was based on value. The Value Framework, develop as part of Command of the Message, helped them focus their conversation on creating value for the client.

“I am now thinking in broader terms and larger business problems and then connecting those requirements further down the customer engagement process,” said Anna Rubchinskaya, the sales engineer who helped Moro orchestrate the deal.

Driving Value in the Fuze Environment

In training, the Fuze team sharpened their ability to tie sales conversations to business value and the Fuze solution, no matter the buyer. Role plays helped prepare them for the pivotal time in front of the customer.

“Taking all of those components and tying them back to the initiatives at the company was what helped us win this particular business,” said Moro.

As a result, Moro and his team effectively beat out other possible vendors. When the deal closed, the sales cycle was one of the shortest ever for the company. The deal also put Moro halfway to attaining his quota, with just one deal.

Command of the Message participants work with live deals in the training, leveraging their customized Value Framework created by their company’s leadership. Rubchinskaya and Moro both used the deal in the training.

“At a certain point, your solution becomes commoditized in the eyes of the customer. When you’re a commodity, you’re going to have price conversations. I don’t have any interest in those conversations,” said Rubchinskaya.

The Fuze team has always focused on internal preparation before customer conversations. For Moro, the Value Framework has helped make that pre- work efficient and much more valuable.

Measurable Results

For the Fuze sales team, asking great questions, effectively mapping their required capabilities to the solution, and great preparation resulted in:

  • Crushing the competition in an opportunity with multiple decision makers
  • Sales cycle shortened to less than a month
  • 1⁄2 of one rep’s quota met in just one deal

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