SaaS Sales Success

72% Increase in Average Deal Size

The Client

Medallia is one of the fastest-growing customer experience companies in the world. It enables companies to capture customer feedback, understand it in real time, and take action to improve the customer experience. As a growing SaaS organization, Medallia needed

  • Tools to grow a knowledgeable sales force quickly
  • A framework to create and grow value along the customer life cycle
  • Cross-functional alignment centered on the customer

GrowthPlay’s Command of the Message® gave Medallia’s executives the tools and processes they needed to consistently grow customer value in a SaaS model.

"GrowthPlay has enabled our entire company to articulate value and align with customer needs. GrowthPlay was critical in driving our success."

Scott Davis Vice President of Sales, Medallia

The Business Challenge

Medallia needed a way to grow a sales force with the expertise to sell the value the company provides with its software. It had five sales reps with an average of 15 years selling in that space, but it needed a way to ramp up new hires who didn’t have the expertise of the veterans.

“We wanted to grow our sales force, but we needed a framework to support our sellers in understanding our customer, how our customers buy, what their pain points were, and what their desired state was,” said Davis.

Driving Value in a SaaS Environment

“In SaaS, being able to renew with your customer base is so important. You need alignment on the value you deliver, the required capabilities, and you need to do that on an ongoing basis,” he said. “It’s a much higher bar. Delivering on and selling exactly what you promise the buyer is critical.”

Aligning to the buyer is what Command of the Message® helped Medallia do as a sales organization.

“The core of the Value Messaging Framework is understanding the buying process and what the buyer is trying to achieve. Because of the framework and discovery questions, we do a much better job of mapping our solution to buyer needs, and we are more tightly aligned as a company with the customer,” said Davis. “On delivery, the product, implementation, and servicing teams all understand and are speaking the same vernacular. Everyone has value objectives instead of tactical metrics they need to hit.”

Measurable Results

  • Average Deal Size Increased 72%
  • New Seller Ramp-Up Time Decreased by 70%
  • Time-to-Productivity Cut to 6 Months
  • Increased the Sales Team by 500% While Maintaining Productivity

Let’s Build Your
Roadmap to Success

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  • Discover the highest value sales activities you can improve on today to make an immediate impact tomorrow.
  • Define the DNA of your perfect sellers. Then hire ten more just like them and uncover how you can grow them and keep them.
  • Identify what makes up that “perfect sell” in your company and how you can empower your sales team to win more of them.