Case Study

Beyond the Numbers

Leveraging Natural Talent on the Front Line

The Client

For over 40 years, the National Research Center for College & University AdmissionsTM has driven research on student perspectives and educational outlook to refine student and staff experiences with college enrolment. Through their insights and information systems NRCCUA® helps connect colleges with high school students who fit their curriculum while simultaneously helping students and their families make the best educational and financial decisions possible.

"I’ve been working in this industry for 16 to 17 years and it’s only been 2 or 3 times that a consultant gives you a tool, lens or philosophy that makes you fundamentally rethink a part of the organization."

Brent Ramdin President and COO, NRCCUA

The Business Challenge

As the new President and COO of NRCCUA®, Brent Ramdin took the initiative to holistically assess the organization through a futuristic lens. He noticed two challenges facing his team. First, they needed to understand the relationship between their products, sales processes and compensation models. Secondly, they needed to align their organizational structure with future growth strategies.

Brent said, “The change in ownership triggered strategic thought that led to the immediacy of these things that led us to [say], ‘Let’s hire an expert to determine where we are within the norm, or areas where we are unconsciously hurting ourselves, and remap our future.”

The Solution

GrowthPlay’s Talent Analytics platform helped NRCCUA use data to determine whether they had the right players in the right positions, and to correctly align their compensation and organizational structures with desired growth milestones.

Data confirmed that NRCCUA needed to evaluate salespeople beyond revenue
generated. For example, assessment results showed one of their top salespeople didn’t have the natural strengths of a top performer, indicating burn out may be likely without intervention.

“What was great about the talent assessment is that it didn’t simply say this is a good or bad salesperson, but it told us who has the natural talents that are aligned with the responsibilities of their role,” said Ramdin. “Who is potentially getting an easy A versus who is really working hard to get a B+?”

That knowledge means NRCCUA can retain its top performers. GrowthPlay’s Talent Analytics solutions are continually guiding mentorship and development for NCCRUA.

“It gave us a new lens to look at our sales team and it forced us to think beyond the numbers,” said Ramdin.

Measurable Results

Since working with GrowthPlay, NRCCUA® saw several measurable results, including:

  • Improved ability to quickly hire and ramp up new salespeople
  • Enhanced capacity to coach current reps to success
  • Developed a talent acquisition process that successfully enables aggressive growth goals

GrowthPlay gave NCCRUA the tools necessary to make sure their first priority is their front line – equipping it with the right people, in the right positions, with the right processes.

“The way in which the GrowthPlay team shared how to use the data turned me into a believer,” he said. “It reshaped, forever, how I’ll think about salespeople in the future,” he said.

Let’s Build Your
Roadmap to Success

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  • Discover the highest value sales activities you can improve on today to make an immediate impact tomorrow.
  • Define the DNA of your perfect sellers. Then hire ten more just like them and uncover how you can grow them and keep them.
  • Identify what makes up that “perfect sell” in your company and how you can empower your sales team to win more of them.