Case Study

Selling Value-Added Services

Sales Conference Improves Rep Perception 78%

The Client

The client had invested significant resources in building a suite of value- added marketing tools for the company’s client base in textiles and manufacturing. These services were virtually ignored by the sales force and were not being introduced to the customers who would benefit from the support tools. Rather than conduct a traditional training with internal resources, the client wanted to take an alternative approach to engaging its team. The goal was to increase awareness and improve the sales team’s perceived value of the offering.

I don't think I can overstate the impact the GrowthPlay team had on this event. The most positive feedback is surrounding the facilitation model and your team members. I am beyond grateful for the work you all did.

Event Organizer & Manager

The Business Challenge

The sales team is tenured with 10+ years of experience and brought many pre-conceived ideas related to how training and new initiatives were previously introduced to the field. The approach needed to feel distinctly different from prior efforts to capture the team’s attention.

Driving Value for the Client

The GrowthPlay team composed the event into a two-and-a-half-day seminar consisting of 45-60-minute facilitated learnings sessions, each with the following elements:

  • Interactive Discussion: Each session was led by a GrowthPlay facilitator, not a company subject matter expert. The goal was to increase engagement through dialogue and peer learning, instead of an information dump. Facilitators worked to generate as much participation as possible.
  • Gradual Knowledge Transfer: Four topics were separated into three modules. In the first module, attendees discussed basic foundational concepts. The second focused on the value of the offering. The third generated ideas on how to present the services to customers.
  • Instant Feedback: All participants were given a live survey tool where input was collected before and after sessions to gauge the effectiveness of the discussions.
  • Recognition for Contributions: Participation was the main focus throughout the week. Instead of probing for “right” answers, the facilitators fostered an environment of sharing and collaboration. Within sessions, attendees earned raffle tickets for participating and winners were drawn at the conclusion of the event.
  • Key Takeaways: The participants individually developed key learnings from each session. They were not dictated the “answers” or the right way. Action items for the sales team came from the group themselves, building a sense of ownership in the process.

Measurable Results

  • 78.2% improvement with perceived value of the services during sessions.
  • 39.9% increase in comfort level for the reps to introduce these services to clients.

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