Multi-Solution Approach Brings Growth and Effective Messaging

The Client

More than 100 million users in 150 countries rely on Sophos as the best protection against complex threats and data loss. Sophos offers award-winning encryption, endpoint security, web, email, mobile and network security solutions backed by SophosLabs – a global network of threat intelligence centers.

"The people at (GrowthPlay) became part of the fabric. They knew just as much about our messages and our competitive differentiation as our employees did. They took the time and energy to really understand the unique differences that Sophos provides and to make sure that they weren’t just being consultants from an outside perspective, but really understanding us."

Emmanuelle Skala Vice President of Global Channels, Sophos

The Business Challenge

Even with a strong market threshold, Sophos needed to improve the way it was selling its products.

“Sales reps at Sophos were historically talking about product features. We were product selling not value selling. Not talking about the benefit to customers, but talking about the features and comparing those features with competitors,” said Emmanuelle Skala, Vice President of Global Channels.

Sophos also noticed inconsistencies in the people it was bringing on board. Managers were pulled in many directions and needed a methodology to help.

“We would have a higher turnover than we wanted. We would have a longer time to fill an open vacancy,” said Mike McGuiness, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Field Operations. “Even though our products allow us to sell some pretty quick-turn deals, it took people a while to get to a point where they could be doing that effectively.”

Driving Value in a Sophos Environment

Sophos used Command of the Talent® and Command of the Message® solutions to drive consistency in both sales
messaging and sales talent. Command of the Message® helped Sophos develop a toolkit with a messaging framework focused on value and differentiators. “It’s what gives them the guideposts to have conversations around businesses challenges, pains and competitive differentiators,” said Skala.

Command of the Talent® gave Sophos the tools it needed to improve its recruiting bench and ramp time and effectively manage talent. GrowthPlay’s customized approach helped drive success across the organization.

“It wasn’t a standard set of management scripts that are applied company to company down every street,” he said. “They built a set of tools that were specifically tailored to us.”

Measurable Results

After Sophos implemented its new sales initiatives, the results were immediate.

“The single biggest benefit that Sophos saw after working with (GrowthPlay) is consistency. Consistency across the sales team, across the marketing team and across the product team,” said Skala.

When it comes to sales talent, Sophos saw a decrease in vacancies, faster up time and ultimately greater revenue generation.

“The result has been clear productivity increased steadily in the time that we’ve worked with (GrowthPlay),” said McGuinness.

Let’s Build Your
Roadmap to Success

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