Business to Consumer Solutions

The Sales Process

Foundational Outcomes

GrowthPlay’s Activate the Culture solution is the first step in driving sustained revenue growth. Our “activation” approach motivates and engages your entire team in the process to ensure their commitment and enthusiasm. Here’s what you can expect as a result:

  • Higher revenue per transaction
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Increased cross-sell and up-sell rates
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • Improved employee retention

Ingredients for Success

Driving consistency in your customer interactions is tough. You have salespeople with different personalities and skill levels talking to your customers in different ways. You need to give your team a guide that shapes the sales conversation, but also allows their personal sales style to come through. You DON’T need a script. The right partner should help your team see the value of a consistent approach, for them and their customers.

Align the interests of Company and Customer. Activate. Repeat.

Our approach to developing successful sales cultures begins with a fundamental understanding of your company’s objectives and the value you offer the customer. From there, we build a framework to drive the interests of both parties, over and over again.

Key components include:

  • A customized customer conversation roadmap: This guide is created with input from all levels of the company.
  • A sales activation framework: This is the “machine” that ensures the right behaviors are built and reinforced.

Discover the GrowthPlay Difference

You need a partner who will roll up their sleeves and go to work with you. That partner is GrowthPlay. We have unrivaled expertise and a proven approach to B2C sales effectiveness. Our differentiation lies in our ability to partner with customers and build processes that work for your sales team and with your sales team. We’re here to help you move the needle. We’re here to make an impact.

The Benefits of a GrowthPlay Partnership

How is GrowthPlay different? Our B2C solutions don’t just provide ideas—we provide boots on the ground to make sure your team is using and living the right behaviors. We equip your frontline sales leaders with skills and processes to keep the culture vibrant, long after we’re gone.

Consistent selling behaviors aren’t just about transactions. They’re about creating a valued experience. It’s a journey we’ll take together. Because your success is our success. That’s the GrowthPlay way.

Your success is our success. That’s the GrowthPlay way.