Professional Services Solutions

Equip Individuals

Foundational Outcomes

Many practitioners think that successful selling is all about “hard closing.” This perception often evokes fear and discomfort. But in reality, the real work of closing business happens long before the end of the deal. Closing starts with targeting the right relationships in the right situations that have the right problems for which you have the right solution. Outcomes from the ASP program include:

  • Personalized business development plans
  • Guided business development support
  • Support tools and best practices
  • Higher, more consistent win rates
  • Improved revenue

Ingredients for Success

Too often, consultants approach their client engagements with a one-size-fits-all approach. One training plan for everyone. One solution – take it or leave it. A successful partner understands the value of personalization and a ‘one-size-fits one’ mentality. They take the time to get to know your professionals and develop plans that are tailored for each person’s strengths.

Control of the Art. Command of the Science.

Our Accelerated Sales Program is an intensive, personalized coaching program for professional services doer-sellers. We combine in-person coaching and skill building with group sessions and individualized one-on-one coaching. The full program includes:

  • Business development talent assessments for each participant
  • A two-hour group kick-off workshop
  • One-on-one personalized coaching sessions
  • A second two-hour group workshop
  • Momentum wrap-up meeting and celebration
  • 24/7 on-call coaching support
  • Optional participant graduate coaching and a year’s worth of supportive weekly tips and reminders

Discover the GrowthPlay Difference

We know that every person in your organization is integral to your success. And each one of those people brings a unique skill set to the table. We take the time to understand those skill sets and develop tailored plans to make each team member more effective in how they work and develop relationships.

The Benefits of a GrowthPlay Partnership:

We know the challenges that come with being a “doer-seller.” With a GrowthPlay partnership, you’ll learn how to successfully master the art of selling in a way that’s comfortable and allows for effective time management. By building a business development foundation based on authentic relationships, you’ll develop habits that make those skills feel like second nature.

Your success is our success. That’s the GrowthPlay way.