Professional Services Solutions

Innovation Mapping

Transformational Outcomes

Professional services firms that encourage the ongoing development of game-changing innovations set themselves up for success. But it’s the ones that take the next step and set playbooks and plans in place to make innovations come to life in their organizations that will experience tangible, transformational outcomes like:

  • Core innovations that create quick wins and have a direct impact on your bottom line
  • Competitive innovations that create new revenue streams through the design of offerings that address unmet client needs
  • Disruptive innovations that fundamentally change some or all of the organization’s business model
  • Ongoing improvements that support sustained organizational growth and enable more effective management of the firm’s business development pipeline and predictable revenue streams
  • More engaged and confident professionals committed to the success of the firm

Ingredients for Success

It’s one thing to encourage the development of innovative business practices in your firm. It’s quite another to build infrastructure that brings those innovations to life and drives your business reliably and confidently forward. If you’re seeking a partner in innovation and growth, you’ll be most successful partnering with someone who helps you refine and realign your leadership team so your firm maximizes the impact of your new innovations—today and tomorrow.

Control of the Art. Command of the Science.

We’ll work with you to identify the why, the how, and the way to build a successful innovation program inside your organization. We’ll also put in place “strategic tune-ups” to help you refine and optimize your leadership actions, training programs and playbooks to ensure the force of your firm’s innovation is felt – both with current and prospective clients.

Discover the GrowthPlay Difference

Every professional services firm has its own DNA, a precise combination of molecules that inform the way you behave. What if you had the ability to inject innovation into your organization at the DNA level? It would weave forward-thinking ideas in the way you create, deliver and communicate your value to clients. It’s still you (and your firm) at the core – only more innovative, more intentional and more effective.

The Benefits of a GrowthPlay Partnership:

GrowthPlay’s approach to innovation is built around the Client Experience. Our three-phased approach allows you to play the long game while achieving quick wins along the way. Why? So you can maximize your investment and integrate new approaches that make change manageable and successful.

Your success is our success. That’s the GrowthPlay way.