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People are the cornerstone of any business. Finding the right people for the job and placing them in roles where they will succeed is critical to the health of any sales or professional services organization.

Putting programs in place to keep these key players motivated, hungry and happy is absolutely essential for long-term success. Let’s face it—the success of your organization shouldn’t rest on any one person’s shoulders.

SalesGPA® gives you the tools you need to profile, assess and analyze your talent.

It integrates seamlessly with our Command of the Talent® and Sales Organization Consulting, providing the inputs you need to build success profiles for each member of your team. Backed by decades of talent analytics data, SalesGPA® helps identify the critical predictors of success in a role.

Our SalesGPA® platform gives you the insights you need to you:

  • Build a more efficient and effective sales force.
  • Drive sustainable and measurable revenue growth.
  • Reduce the cost and effort to build and grow customer relationships.

With SalesGPA® powered by GrowthPlay Analytics, your dream team is within reach.

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Problems We Solve

You can’t fix what you don’t measure. Organizations without proper talent analytics are putting their revenue goals at risk. From poor hires to misalignment between your sales reps’ skills and their assigned roles—to inaccurate sales forecasting—poor insight into critical talent analytics could be at the root of many problems.

Control of the Art. Command of the Science.

GrowthPlay’s SalesGPA® platform is designed to help you easily understand how your team is performing.

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    Visual, intuitive, easy-to-understand user interface
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    Business-focused reporting
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    Analytics-driven assessment

Discover the GrowthPlay Difference

There are dozens of assessment tools out there. Why is SalesGPA® better for your business? It’s simple.

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With SalesGPA®, you can assess all aspects of sales roles and talents.

  • Custom benchmarks: Compare your candidates to the benchmark that makes the most sense for you—your industry, geography, organization size, type, growth stage or combinations of the above.
  • Performance tracking: SalesGPA® connects your assessment results to performance outcomes and predicts future success with systematic performance tracking.
  • A Growing Library of Talent Industry Data Points: Uncover amazing insights about the quality of a sales candidate, a new hire, a sales team or your entire organization. The SalesGPA® platform helps you determine the quality of your talent pool and the efficiency and effectiveness of your existing talent acquisition processes. You can even model how successful your current sales talent will be in the future.

The SalesGPA® Difference

For so many organizations, talent is an imprecise art, dependent on opinion and gut reactions. With SalesGPA®, you can take the guesswork out of your talent decisions. The SalesGPA® platform is backed with years of proven science that gives you accurate, clear, specific predictions about individual and team capacity:

  • Discover the actual dollar value and range of your team’s expected performance
  • Easily compare candidates, including how many you need to screen before you find someone who’s better
  • Define the odds your new hire will leave in the first six months
  • Determine whether your individual sellers are performing at, above or below their capacity

Your sales organization needs top talent.
Assemble your best team with SalesGPA ® .