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Our Approach to Sales Effectiveness

You know your team can be better – better at serving your buyers, better at communicating value, better at delivering results – but you are not sure how to unlock their potential. The good news is you don’t have to start from scratch. GrowthPlay looks at the critical factors that will make your team successful and helps you get them aligned. The result is a team that is engaged and effective when talking to potential buyers.

Customer Engagement

Sales Message

Articulate Value and Differentiation

Sales Process

Qualify, Advance, and Close Opportunities

Internal Process

Sales Plan

Maximize Revenue in Territories and Accounts

Sales Talent

Select, On-Board, and Retain Top Perfomers

Sales Strategy & Organization

Sales Strategy & Alignment

Align Sales Strategy to Business Strategy

Sales Organization

Design Sales Structure and Sales Roles

What We Do


Achieve Growth Objectives

One of the biggest challenges in driving growth is knowing where to start. GrowthPlay will aid you in defining the ideal strategy to achieve your business development goals.

Growth Consulting


Identify Top Talent

There’s no reason to leave the success of your organization to chance. GrowthPlay’s Talent Analytics platform uses data to help you get the right salespeople in the right roles.


Training &

Strengthen Sales Skills

Your sales training and coaching techniques must match the needs of your organization. GrowthPlay provides customized tools to build a successful and dynamic sales team. relationships.

Training & Coaching

The GrowthPlay Experience

We don’t believe in preaching best practices—we’re about rolling up our sleeves and working side-by-side with you to achieve your sales goals. Our approach is proven, our people are trustworthy and our results speak for themselves.

The way in which the GrowthPlay team shared how to use the data turned me into a believer. It reshaped, forever, how I’ll think about salespeople in the future. Brent Ramdin President and COO, NRCCUA

Let’s Build Your
Roadmap to Success

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  • Discover the highest value sales activities you can improve on today to make an immediate impact tomorrow.
  • Define the DNA of your perfect sellers. Then hire ten more just like them and uncover how you can grow them and keep them.
  • Identify what makes up that “perfect sell” in your company and how you can empower your sales team to win more of them.