Business to Business Solutions

Strategy Alignment Consulting

Organizational Outcomes

GrowthPlay’s Strategy Alignment Consulting Team works with businesses like yours to align sales strategy with business strategy. By enlisting GrowthPlay for Strategy Alignment Consulting you will gain:

  • A better understanding of your current state of sales effectiveness
  • A roadmap to increase effectiveness and align stakeholders around critical priorities
  • A business case to justify investments in strategic sales initiatives

Ingredients for Success

When you’re seeking a partner to help you execute sound strategies for your sales organization, trust and understanding are the top two ingredients for success. GrowthPlay takes the time to build trust and to truly understand every aspect that drives success for your sales organization, your business, your industry and the customer landscape you serve.

Control of the Art. Command of the Science.

You’ve established a sales planning and execution strategy that’s designed to drive sustained revenue growth. Congratulations! That’s more than most sales teams can claim. We’ll help you with that oh-so-important next step of aligning an array of critical performance drivers with your sales strategy.

We do this by performing a comprehensive evaluation of 13 effectiveness drivers organized by three focus areas:

  • Marketing & Messaging
  • Process & Planning
  • Organization, Leadership & Talent

Discover the GrowthPlay Difference

GrowthPlay’s Strategy Alignment Consulting helps businesses match sales tactics to their overall business strategy. Our diagnostic includes an objective assessment of your sales organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Our unique outside perspective helps give business leaders a high-level understanding of activities to prioritize. The end deliverable is a thorough report of your effectiveness and a roadmap, with recommendations, to guide your strategic decision-making and plan of action.

The Benefits of a GrowthPlay Partnership:

What makes GrowthPlay different? Our customers tell us it’s the experience of working with us. We are highly invested in your success. We’re focused on driving alignment throughout the organization and helping you and your team maximize the value you provide to customers. We tailor our solutions to be highly relevant to you and immediately actionable in the market.

Your success is our success. That’s the GrowthPlay way.