Talent Analytics

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People are the cornerstone of any business. Finding the right people for the job and placing them in roles where they will succeed is critical to the health of any sales or professional services organization.

We provide critical analytics that are a result of measuring behaviors, skills, interests, values, attributes, motives and traits (collectively known as competencies) that contribute to successful performance in sales and related roles.

Talent Analytics platform gives you the tools you need to profile, assess and analyze your talent.

Integrated seamlessly with our Sales Organization Consulting, GrowthPlay’s Talent Analytics platform provides the insights you need to build success profiles for each member of your team. Backed by decades of data, our talent analytics help identify the critical predictors of success in a role and gives sales leaders the tools they need to shape the right roles for the right territories, and hire the most effective salespeople to fill those roles.

Our Talent Analytics platform gives you the insights you need to:

  • Build a more efficient and effective sales force.
  • Drive sustainable and measurable revenue growth.
  • Reduce the cost and effort to build and grow customer relationships.

Problems We Solve

You can’t fix what you don’t measure. Organizations without proper talent analytics are putting their revenue goals at risk. From poor hires to misalignment between your sales reps’ skills and their assigned roles—to inaccurate sales forecasting—poor insight into critical talent analytics could be at the root of many problems.


Delivering Compelling, Actionable Analytics to Optimize your Sales Talent

GrowthPlay’s Talent Analytics platform is designed to help you easily understand your sales team's strengths and developmental opportunities.

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    Easy-to-understand user interface for keeping track of talent administration
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    Business-focused reporting
  • ico-analytics
    Analytics-driven assessment

Talent is central to the successful execution of any organization's strategy

With GrowthPlay’s Talent Analytics, you can take the guesswork out of your talent decisions. Our Talent Solutions are backed with years of proven science that gives you accurate, clear, specific predictions about individual and team capacity and whether you have the right team to deliver on your organization’s strategy.

  • GrowthPlay scores are a measure of the probability that you will exhibit behavior that we know are predictive of success in certain roles
  • The purpose of the assessment is to identify the competency strengths and developmental opportunities for a particular job
  • Our analytics will indicate the likelihood that a person would be successful in a position based on having the required skills and opportunity to be exposed to effective techniques and development time.
  • Analytics can help whether the presenting issue is attracting, hiring, realigning, or developing people.

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