Why GrowthPlay?

Unlocking Results for Your Organization

Revenue Experience

We help leaders, teams and individuals leverage their strengths to uncover opportunities to accelerate revenue growth with high-value clients


Repeatable, predictable revenue growth

Client Experience

We teach law and professional services firms how to provide an exceptional client experience that inspires trust and loyalty


Increased client retention and referrals

Talent Experience

We help firms harness the full potential of their talent by engaging leaders and their teams around what matters most


Improved employee retention, satisfaction, and culture

Our Methodology

GrowthPlay uses a variety of practical frameworks, tools and techniques to guide the development of new sales and leadership skills–and most importantly, to inspire participants to have the right mindset to use them.

Revenue Acceleration Framework™, our proprietary framework, details six distinct ways to help participants grow their business: Target Market Analysis, Messaging, Relationship Building, Sales Pursuit and Closing Client Experience and Innovation.

Predictive talent analytics shed light on sales strengths and styles to help participants customize business development plans and accelerate results. 

Adult learning principles inform our training workshops and coaching, allowing participants to take action immediately.

The voice of the client is incorporated into everything we do. We regularly interview buyers for insight into their roles, priorities and challenges and share these insights in our training, coaching and consulting – helping our clients better understand and empathize with their most important stakeholders.

GrowthPlay’s “other-centered” sales methodology personifies:

Authentic relationship-building: Aligning sales efforts with individual values, strengths, and personalities

Sales as an act of service: Suspending self-interest to solve problems

Discipline, consistency and execution: Following data-driven methods based on proven principles and fundamentals

Our methods are research-backed and have been market-tested for over 20 years.