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Amy Drysdale


Amy Drysdale has 20 years of experience designing powerful strategies to help professionals engage with their clients and industries in new ways.

Over the years, Amy has built a reputation for helping attorneys and law firm leaders grow to the next level. She is a seasoned coach working high-potentials in small cohorts, in practice groups or one-on-one. She enjoys helping clients break new barriers in business development, team building, personal psychology and mindset.

Amy started her career at a venture-backed technology company, then moved on to marketing & business development roles at three AmLaw100 firms. She currently runs a private consulting business, helping clients with a range of projects such as strategic planning, business development coaching & training, client interviews, referral networking, talent development and more. She has been collaborating with GrowthPlay since 2016. 

Amy holds a B.A. with high honors from Pomona College and attended an executive leadership program at Harvard Business School. She lives just outside New York City with her two daughters.