Preparation as a Sign of Honor: The Core 4 for Prep

There is no one formula for success when it comes to business development. Every successful rainmaker does it slightly differently, playing to their strengths and meeting their target audiences where they are. That being said, when we look across the thousands of successful rainmakers we’ve worked with over the years, they all share many of the same disciplines when it comes to strategy, execution, and follow-through on business development.

Among these disciplines is being prepared. Great rainmakers don’t wing it when it comes to business development, and neither should you. Enter the Core 4 for Preparation.

The Core 4 is a simple and practical framework to help you prepare for any business development activity. Before you go to your next networking conference, lunch with a potential client, or pitch meeting, spend five minutes thinking through these four considerations. You’ll have a solid game plan that will make you more confident and more productive in your business development activities.

GrowthPlay’s “Core 4 for Preparation” Framework

1. Objectives

What are we trying to accomplish?

What do we want to be better or different

2. Discovery Questions

What do we want to learn?

How will we elicit the information we want?

3. Key Messages

What are we trying to communicate?

What do we want others to know, believe, or feel?

4. Outcomes and Definitive Next Steps

What are the best, likely, and worst-case scenario outcomes?

In each, how will we keep the momentum going?

Just like you would never wing it at a deposition, closing argument, or important negotiation, you shouldn’t wing it at business development. At GrowthPlay, we believe being prepared is a sign of honor and respect for others, so apply the Core 4 and set yourself up for success.