What’s Your POV?

It’s hard to believe we’re quickly approaching the mid-point of 2022. As clients reflect on their accomplishments from the first half of the year, they’re also prioritizing their to-dos to complete in the second half. Want to be part of the team that is called in to help? Don’t wait for a client to ask, have your POV (point of view) ready so they want to bring you in.

The most successful rainmakers share a POV that piques a client’s curiosity or tests their confidence. A POV might take the shape of:

  • specific tactics for execution
  • access to technology that creates greater efficiency
  • common blind spots to avoid
  • ideas on how something can go from good to great


Research shows that when we tap into an emotion like curiosity or confidence-testing, it can put someone into a potential buying mode. Additionally, an effective POV moves the conversation from what needs to happen to how it could happen more easily, effectively, or efficiently.

So, as you’re listening to your client’s priorities, be sure to proactively share your POV as small gifts of insights or to trigger “FOMO” so you can be called upon to help in the second half of 2022.