Five Core Practices of Trusted Leaders: Cultivating a Leadership Mindset

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the world of work and life. What has not changed, however, is the need for great leadership. At GrowthPlay, we know that the most trusted leaders are focusing on five core practices to step up, lean in, and lead well:


Cultivating a Leadership Mindset

As leaders, we can operate from two different mindsets: playing not to lose or playing to win.

Guide to the Five Core Practices of Trusted Leaders

The instinct when we are risk averse – as lawyers are often required to be – is to move into a place of scarcity, which means we play it safe. Rather than call, we email; rather than go above and beyond to demonstrate care, we forward firm alerts with a cursory intro. But what our clients and colleagues need right now more than ever is human connection, a message of hope that we will get them through this difficult time, practical knowledge, perspective, and opportunities to create plans of action to move forward.

There is no doubt that choosing to play to win can be hard – particularly for those who have spent years in a profession designed to spot potential flaws, risks, and pitfalls. And that, in turn, can also make us feel less than confident to step into the unknown. If you find yourself in a moment of doubt or self-consciousness, remember that confidence is not the absence of fear, but it is the willingness to embrace three elements that allow us to move forward anyway:

  • Competence: the recognition that you possess or have access to the skills, knowledge, and resources to serve others well
  • Courage: the recognition that you can take action even when you experience the emotion of fear
  • Conviction: the recognition that the world is missing out on something if you chose not to act


So, consider what or who ends up better off, more resourced, or simply encouraged because you choose to act proactively in the face of your fear and with the capabilities available to you. Recognizing this often gives us confidence to move forward with a mindset of abundance and a willingness to play to win.

Ultimately, this is an opportunity to out-behave the competition. Remember that how we show up for others now – how we seek to serve others well – not only creates better interactions today, but it will lay the foundation for who is positioned to capture work, opportunity, and loyalty as the new normal emerges.