Targeting the Buyer of Legal Services

How to Generate More Revenue and Gain Market Share

Defining why your clients do business with you is a foundational step to client retention and revenue growth. Your clients always have a choice, and it’s likely that they work with you because of the ongoing value you provide. Replicating those profitable relationships requires you to define what that value is and how it is different than what someone else is offering.

Unfortunately, many law firms swim in the sea of sameness. Their pitches sound and look the same as their competitors. They all claim to be serviceoriented, client-focused, the best at what they do. The only difference in their presentations is likely the colors on the PowerPoint.

The problem is that when everybody is saying the same message, it has no value to the customer or the marketplace. While true that your client may want a service-oriented law firm, there’s nothing about that trait that drives a signed contract. The messaging lacks differentiation.